CMB Summer 2020 Announcements
July 2020

All of our major dates, including summer band week, Res-Life move-in, football games, upcoming auditions, concert ensemble performances, and more can be found on our member calendar. There is also a link to this calendar from the “Information” tab of the menu bar on the website. This is always a good starting point before calling or emailing the office with questions regarding dates.

COVID-19 Information
We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and we have put together a separate page the highlights all of the accommodations that we will be making for the 2020 season to keep our members, faculty, and staff healthy and safe. Click to view our COVID-19 page.

Registration Forms
All members must complete the CMB Registration Form by Sunday, August 2, 2020. This form is important for verifying our roster information, ordering clothing items, meal plans, game-day parking permits (off-campus students only), ResLife early move-in information, and more. Please complete this important form now!

Website Member Login
Please check your email for the Members Area password for the CMB website. We do not post that password on this page since this page is available to the public.

ResLife CMB Early Move In
The early-move-in date for CMB members is Sunday, August 9th. This date was set by Residential Life, and it is the only date and time that CMB members will be able to move in early. All members who are living on campus should make every effort to check in on this date. ResLife should have emailed you additional move-in information details, including where to check-in, and what time to arrive. It is important to follow their procedures exactly this year, as they have been modified for your safety. We send ResLife our CMB roster during the summer, and they will NOT charge CMB members who check in during this time an early-move-in fee. Please note that if you individually reach out to ResLife to try and arrange a different early move-in time, they WILL charge you an early move-in fee if they are able to accommodate your request.

Class Conflict
Please note that all members of the CMB must be registered for the course (MUSI 2610 for lower division, or MUSI 3610 for upper division). If you have a class conflict that prevents you from registering, please let us know by completing this form so that we may generate a conflict override request form for you.

Summer Band Week 2020 – August 10th – 16th
FULL BAND WEEK SCHEDULE AVAILABLE HERE. CMB Summer Band week begins on Sunday, August 9th with move-in and a Leadership Team meeting. Members will report on Monday, August 10th. More details about our Band Week schedule will be distributed soon.

Stay in Shape
All of our activities will take place OUTSIDE this year. Many of us have likely spent too much time on the couch this summer, so get up and get moving before band week!

MEMORIZE Pregame Music
We require that all PREGAME MUSIC and CMB WARMUPS be MEMORIZED by band week. Use the preceding link to download the music. It is SO IMPORTANT that you show up prepared, having worked on music memorization for all of our Pregame music prior to arriving for band week. This will help prevent you from falling behind once the season is underway. So dust off those summer chops and get started now! Not sure what part to play? Start with what part you played in high school. If the range seems too high, move down to the next part.

Social Media

Follow the CMB on Social Media! We have an all NEW social media team that has also created a new Instagram for us. We’ve updated our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles to all be the same: @ostatecmb

CMB 2020 Travel Schedule
We will not be traveling to any away games this season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our full schedule is posted on the online calendar.

The Brightest Band in All the Land has Gone Green
The CMB will be distributing music and drill in digital format only. Music will be posted in PDF format via Google Drive, and we will be continuing to use the Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) app this season as well. You’ll need to bring those phones charged and ready to rehearsal in order to read drill and music! More information on downloading, setting up an account, and using UDB will be sent soon.

Stay Tuned
Please keep an eye on your email account. We will be sending additional information later in July. Be sure and get your registration form submitted by August 2nd!