Leadership Team Application Requirements & Responsibilities

2021 Season

This page details the student leadership structure of the Cowboy Marching Band for the 2021 season. Each section will have several Section Leaders, with one or two of them being designated as Music Section Leaders depending on the size of the section and number of qualified applicants.

Please note that all candidates selected to serve in a leadership role will be required to attend the CMB Leadership Retreat unless excused by a director IN ADVANCE. We will send more details regarding the date and location soon. Failure to attend leadership camp will result in removal from the leadership team (unless the absence was excused in advance). If you are applying for more than one position, you only need to complete each stage of the application process one time.

The table below highlights some of the responsibilities and expectations for each leadership position. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is intended to give some insight into what is expected of the individuals filling each position.

Job Responsibilities & ExpectationsDrum MajorMusic Section LeaderSection Leader
Possess strong leadership characteristicsXXX
Exhibit a positive attitudeXXX
Possess ability to teach band members of all marching and playing abilitiesXXX
Exhibit strong work ethicXXX
Communicate appropriately with director at weekly leadership meetingsXXX
Encourage high morale from band throughout seasonXXX
Motivate members to march and play at a high level throughout seasonXXX
Have the respect of your peersXXX
Exhibit excellent musicianshipXX
Teach marching fundamentals and drill to section membersXXX
Run efficient and productive music sectionalsX
Lead stretching routine with full band and teach fundamentals to band at director’s discretionX
Possess excellent conducting techniqueX
Study game management with director (when to play or not play in stands during games)X

Section Leader Application Process

Drum Major Application Process

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