Cowboy Marching Band Traditions

Alma Mater
After every rehearsal and performance, the entire membership of the Cowboy Marching Band sings the OSU Alma Mater in four part harmony. Singing after rehearsals is conducted by the Head Drum Major, and by Dr. Douglas Henderson after performances. This is the most sacred tradition honored by the Cowboy Marching Band. Members are expected to remove all hats and present themselves in a serious manner during this tradition.

OSU Alma Mater Hymn
Proud and immortal,
Bright shines your name;
Oklahoma State;
We herald your fame.
Ever you’ll find us
Loyal and true,
To our Alma Mater, O-S-U.

Pregame Concert
Before every home game, the Cowboy Marching Band performs a concert outside Bartlett across from the Seretean Center for the Performing Arts. Selections at the concert include halftime tunes, as well as traditional OSU music.

Fight Songs
Each Cowboy Marching Band rehearsal includes the playing of the Trilogy. We play the Trilogy at the beginning of rehearsals on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings before football games.

The Waving Song
Oklahoma State! Oklahoma State!
We’ll sing your praise tonight;
To let you know where e’re we go,
For the Orange and Black we’ll fight
We’ll sing your worth o’er all the Earth
And shout: Ki Yi! Ki Ye!
In books of fame we’ll write your name,
Oklahoma State!

Ride ’em Cowboys
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride ‘em Cowboys,
Right down the field;
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight ‘em Cowboys, and never yield.
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride on, Cowboys, to victory;
Cross (opponent)’s goal;
Then we’ll sing “O-kla-homa State!”

OSU Chant
The greatest in the nation
The team that’s got the go spirit and the will to win
Make a score and we’ll shout
Beat (opponent)!!
It’s orange and black we’re cheering on to victory today
And then we’ll say

Pregame Performance in Boone Pickens Stadium
The Cowboy Marching Band Pregame is an exciting event for OSU faithful, as well as band members. It begins with the Run-On out of the west end zone, followed by Pregame Fanfare, where Bullet runs through the middle of the band. Next, while playing Ride ’em Cowboys, the band marches a traditional diamond drill and then spells out “Cowboys”. This is followed by Oklahoma and the formation of the state of Oklahoma. The Band then forms a large O-STATE while playing OSU Chant. The Star Spangled Banner is conducted by Dr. Phil Vallejo, and the OSU Alma Mater is conducted by Dr. Bradley Genevro. Then, the band performs “Rock ‘n Roll” to the students in the West End Zone, followed by forming the tunnel that the team runs through when they take the field.

Orange Friday
It is a tradition that the Cowboy Marching Band paint Hedge Field with a Sea of Orange. It is highly encouraged that all members of the CMB wear orange to Friday rehearsals to show our support for Coach Gundy and the Cowboy football team.