Tulsa & OKC Cowboy Caravans – August 14th and 17th, 2017

Cowboy Caravan
The CMB needs the help of any CMB ALUMNI willing to volunteer for the Tulsa or OKC Cowboy Caravans! We are usually able to send current members to cover these events, but they are scheduled right smack in the middle of our band week! If you are interested in helping us out, we would LOVE your help!


Attire will be any orange OSU t-shirt or polo shirt & shorts.

Dates / Times / Locations

Monday, August 14th – TULSA

Thursday, August 17th – OKC

Music that we will play will include the Trilogy (Waving Song, Ride ’em, and OSU Chant), Oklahoma, and possibly the Alma Mater.

Instruments may be available to borrow if you need one. Let us know when you complete the form if you need to borrow an OSU instrument.

PLEASE LET US KNOW that you are coming by completing this form. We will be in touch soon to let you know if we have enough people and adequate instrumentation to make this happen!