CMB 2018 Feature Twirler Audition Information

The Cowboy Marching Band is excited to announce that auditions for the position of Feature Twirler for the 2018 edition of the Cowboy Marching Band will take place in the Spring of 2018. The specific timeline for the application process is highlighted below. All finalists must be accepted or enrolled students at Oklahoma State University by the date of the live audition (April 14).

*Note: The results of every stage of the audition process will be FINAL. The directors and audition committee work hard to find the performer who is the right fit for the OSU Cowboy Marching Band. Twirling applicants who apply for the position of Feature Twirler agree to accept the results of the audition process without disputing them. Submission of application materials constitutes acceptance of the audition process and its outcome.

Twirler Picture

How to Apply

Candidates interested in auditioning for the position of feature twirler at OSU should submit the following materials to the OSU band office by Friday, March 9th. The Cowboy Marching Band Directors will then evaluate all materials and select finalists to invite to the live audition. Materials should include:

APPLICATION MATERIALS may be shipped, mailed, or emailed to:

OSU Cowboy Marching Band
ATTN: Dr. Douglas Henderson
220 Seretean Center
Stillwater, OK 74078


Those candidates selected to participate in the live audition on April 14th, 2018, will choreograph their own audition routines to three pieces provided to them by the OSU band staff prior to the audition. AUDITIONS WITH FINALISTS WILL BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Only the finalists and the audition committee will be present.

The first two tunes will be provided on March 16th when finalists are notified, and the final piece will be provided no later than Friday, March 30th (two weeks prior to the audition). This is a “real world” performance scenario in which the twirler must choreograph her own routine as quickly as the rest of the band learns a new halftime show.

Questions regarding the audition process may be sent to Aly Akers, twirling coordinator, or Dr. Douglas Henderson, Director of the Cowboy Marching Band.

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